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Unleash Your Musical Potential

Are you ready to embark on a musical journey like no other? Come and visit our vibrant, friendly community of musicians here at London String School. You’ll discover world-class tutors and like-minded friends, who will help YOU to become the musician you want to be!

Music is social, and so is London String School! We offer the opportunity to learn with others in a group setting, and you can participate in ensembles and performance groups, and even perform concerts. You’ll make new friends who share your love of music, and become part of a friendly, creative, and inspiring community of musicians!

For Adult Learners of Every Experience Level

At London String School we offer programs at all experience levels. Whether you're a beginner taking your first steps into the world of music, or an advanced player seeking new challenges, we have a course or ensemble that’s just right for you!

We warmly welcome adult learners of all ages … from 16 to 100! Most of our learners are local to London or Southeast England, but we regularly welcome visitors from abroad, so let us know if you’re planning to visit London!

Our classes, courses, and events are held at various venues in Central London, and our main tuition studio is conveniently located in London’s West End, between Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus (Whitcomb Street, WC2H).

A variety of tuition formats are available to suit your needs. From private one to one lessons, to group violin courses and classes, to ensembles and performance groups, we have something for everyone. 

We’re also renowned for offering an inspiring, enjoyable pathway for new violinists who are starting to play music for the first time. So if you’re new to the violin, or looking to restart your musical journey after some time, our Beginner Violin Class is a popular choice.

World-Class Tuition

Since 2008, we've been helping adult learners in London to realise their potential and achieve their musical dreams! We originally started as ‘London Violin Studio’, and then in 2012, we became ‘ViolinSchool London’, a dedicated London school for the ViolinSchool online learning platform, based in Westminster for over 10 years.

In 2023, we updated our name to London String School, to reflect our deepening focus on adult learners of violin, viola, cello. In addition to private lessons, groups and ensembles, we also offer group tuition courses for violinists.

Immerse yourself in our comprehensive 10-week courses to achieve tangible results, supported by our extensive research and practical, activity-based teaching that’s both effective and FUN! 

Our 10 Week Courses provide a highly structured curriculum that guides you through the necessary skill levels for high-quality violin-playing, backed by years of research at the Royal Academy of Music. Our professionally produced music and instructional guides are exclusive to StringSchool, and are included as part of your course.

Enjoy the motivation and comradeship that comes from learning together with other people. On our courses, you’ll be surrounded by like minded people who love to learn, so you’ll be able to give and receive enthusiastic support and encouragement, whilst learning from your fellow classmates as well as your expert tutor.

Many of our alumni become firm friends, and you’ll meet all sorts of interesting and creative people, who will be sharing your musical journey!

If you're looking for highly personalised instruction, one to one lessons are also available privately with our experienced tutors, including our lead tutor David Worswick (former 1st violinist of the London Symphony Orchestra).

For the best experience, we recommend a blend of different learning formats, which is why we offer a regular program of ensembles, performance opportunities and special events … it all adds up to a rich and immersive musical experience that will give you many special, lasting memories!

Passionate About String Instruments

If you’re truly passionate about making music with a stringed instrument, you’ll know that feeling inside that just says … ‘I have to learn the violin/viola/cello/bass’!

As you start to learn, we encourage you to tap into your deepest motivations through repertoire that speaks to your musical interests. Whatever your dream is … to play in an orchestra, to perform a piece of music at your friend’s wedding, to write your own songs … we’ll help you turn that into clear goals, and a step by step plan for making it a reality!

It helps to be guided by knowledgable experts, and passionate friends and enthusiasts, which is where the power of being part of a vibrant community really comes into play.

Music brings people together, and in our courses and ensembles you’ll find exactly that; surrounded by people as passionate about stringed instruments as you are, you’ll be able to tap into your innate creativity and musicianship, and surprise yourself with what you are able to accomplice, whilst celebrating the joy of music with those around you!

Learning in London

We understand only too well that life in London can be busy! But that shouldn't stop you from pursuing your passion for the violin. That's why we offer flexible scheduling, convenient central locations, and world-class resources that you can refer to in your own time. 

We put YOU in control of your musical development, with sheet music and class activities that you can practise easily and efficiently … even if you’re short on time, and can’t pick up the violin every single day. 

Even listening to the right things during your commute can have a profound impact on your success … and in class, we’ll show you everything you need to do in order to play the way you’ve always dreamed of … you’ll always know what you need to do week by week, in order to achieve your goals!

Learning an instrument is also a terrific antidote to stressful london life, and a great way to relax … at the end of the day, pick up your violin and start to play … you’ll be transported to a different world! It’s also a brilliant way to meet new people in city - people who share your passion for making music and playing stringed instruments!

Tuition Formats to Suit You

Our academic year consists of three 10-week terms, starting in September, January, and April. But don't worry if you miss the start of a term; we offer year-round lessons to ensure continuous opportunities for growth. Additionally, our special Summer programs feature special ‘intensives’ and other exciting events to keep your musical journey moving forward.

Everyone learns differently, so we always recommend a blend of different learning styles in order to give yourself the best, most rounded experience. Click here to find out more about the different types of tuition we offer:

CLASSES - one-off group tuition sessions

COURSES - a series of group tuition sessions, usually as part of a 10-week course

ENSEMBLES - group performance opportunities, where you work together with others to prepare for a performance

LESSONS - one to one personal coaching, organised privately between you and your tutor

CONCERTS and EVENTS - Opportunities to perform … in front of a real, live audience!

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Start your journey today and let music transform your life … Your musical adventure awaits at London String School!