Events at London String School

London String School offers a diverse range of events throughout the year to enrich your musical experience.

Our events are designed to provide inspiration and enjoyment for all participants.

Most of our events take place on Saturdays. Be sure to explore the London String School schedule for comprehensive details on classes and exciting visits by Guest Tutors!

Upcoming Events

Saturday, 2nd December 2023 - The London Violin Ensemble will perform in London at the end of the Autumn Term. And join us earlier in the day to hear performances by violinists from the Beginner and Intermediate courses!

Timings and venue to be confirmed!

Past Events

Our past events include many concerts and special events, including a Violin and Wine day, a 'Violin Boat' cruise on the Thames, a 'walk' through London (when pandemic restrictions stopped us from performing indoors!), and much more!
[videos coming soon!]