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London Violin School - Since 2010 - The Original and Best! - Violin School in London - Tuition in Central London for Adult Violinists

Known by many as 'London Violin School', we were the first specialist school in London established in 2010 as London Violin Studio.

In 2012, we became part of ViolinSchool and were known as ViolinSchool London, although informally many people referred to us just as 'London Violin School'!

In 2023, ViolinSchool London (the London school) and (blog and youtube channel) were separated, and we became part of London String School later that year.

But whether you know as 'ViolinSchool', 'Violin School', 'London Violin School', or indeed anything else, you'll can be assured of the same warm welcome and high quality tuition that many thousands of learners have come to expect over the years!

In the near future, we'll be expanding our offerings and welcoming violists and cellists into our programs, but for now, our renowned Violin Courses in London are again available for Adult Learners - from first-time player to advanced levels.

Please take a look here at our full catalogue of tuition options:

Violin Tuition at London Violin School / London String School

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